Caring for Families & Caring for Yourself: A self-care handbook for funeral service professionals

A special thank you to author Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD for his commitment to serving those who are caring for others at their time of greatest need.

About the Handbook

The Funeral Service Foundation commissioned this guide through the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund, and is available FREE OF CHARGE to funeral service professionals.

Funeral service professionals are first responders – sometimes called “last responders” in a high-touch, high-stress environment. Effectively managing that stress is part and parcel of the vocation and essential to a funeral service professional’s well-being. Finding ways to manage stress is key to maintaining healthy relationships with loved ones, and boots a funeral director’s capacity to compassionately serve families.

The tips, guidance, quizzes and journaling prompts help funeral service professionals:

  • Manage stress
  • Incorporate self-care into daily routines, and
  • Uncover a deeper sense of self-understanding

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