The key to a thriving organization is the people who make it work

The Funeral Service Foundation’s skilled and dedicated staff and board of trustees carry out the Foundation’s mission with passion, excellence, and integrity.

Jedd Lapid, Executive Director Funeral Service Foundation

Jedd Lapid

Executive Director

Jedd’s leadership and strategic thinking drive the Foundation forward. He is responsible for all facets of the Foundation’s operation and administration. Working closely with the Board of Trustees, Jedd helps set the direction for our grantmaking, fund development, strategic planning, communication, industry outreach, financial planning, and leadership development. Jedd also leads Foundation collaboration and integration with the National Funeral Directors Association, ensuring our efforts are aligned and mutually beneficial. 

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Jessica Bursi, Development & Program Manager, Funeral Service Foundation

Jessica Bursi

Development & Program Manager

Jessica is pivotal in the Foundation’s operations, spearheading engagement and outreach for all its activities. Her responsibilities encompass grantmaking, fund development, and special projects, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to the Foundation’s mission. As the scholarship and grant application review process leader, Jessica ensures a thorough and fair review for each submission. Additionally, she oversees the creation and marketing of Foundation resources, further amplifying the Foundation’s impact and reach.

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