Strengthening Funeral Service

The Funeral Service Foundation has been a beacon of education, innovation, and support in funeral service for four generations. In 2002, Foundation leaders planted the first seeds of the Hand-in-Hand Endowment, which now sits at over $11 Million.

The endowment, combined with gifts at every level from across the profession, allows us to impact the careers of thousands of funeral service professionals, award grants to dozens of grief-focused organizations, and support initiatives and research that strengthen our communities and advance our profession.

The Foundation releases an annual impact report, highlighting the year’s achievements, and celebrating the donors whose support makes the Foundation’s good work possible.

The Funeral Service Foundations Impact


The Foundation marked 75 years of supporting the funeral service profession by responding with compassion and urgency to the unprecedented needs created by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Dollars Raised: Just as funeral service professionals answered the call to serve, they answered the call to give. The Foundation raised a record $1.36 Million, including $560,000 in cremation recycling proceeds, and $560,000 in support of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund.

Highlights: The Foundation provided grants to more than 30 organizations, including 17 grants to organizations serving grieving communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Funds from the COVID-19 Crisis response fund allowed the Foundation to create and distribute free award-winning community and professional resources, including Grieving Alone & Together: Responding to the Loss of Your Loved One During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Caring for Families & Caring for Yourself: A Self-Care Handbook for Funeral Service Professionals.

The Foundation teamed up with the ICCFA Educational Foundation to launch the Journey to Serve initiative, designed to connect military veterans with careers throughout the funeral service profession.

FSF OurImpact Logomark

For 75 years, the Foundation has evolved and adapted to the funeral service profession’s changing landscape, and in 2020, the Foundation updated our logo and mission to reflect funeral service’s connection and impact on grieving communities, while supporting the professionals who go to work every day to serve families in need.

2019 Impact Report Cover

2019 Impact Report

Dollars Raised: $1.25 Million, including more than half a million dollars raised via cremation recycling proceeds.

Highlights: In 2019, the Foundation awarded 377 deserving students and professionals across the US and Canada with academic and professional development scholarships, including the first-ever scholarships to attend the NFDA International Convention & Expo, and a record 25 academic scholarships.

The National Alliance for Children’s Grief, TAPS, and the National Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition were among the grief-focused organizations that received Foundation grants.

The Foundation’s highly regarded and award-winning Youth & Funerals initiative expanded its message into 48 states and 15 countries with the help of partnerships across the profession.

2018 Impact Report Cover

2018 Impact Report

Dollars Raised: $585,000 raised in support of the Foundation’s mission.

Highlights: 2018 saw a 73% increase in grantmaking over 2017, and awarded grants to organizations including Alliance of Hope, Hospice Foundation of America, and TAPS. The Foundation also partnered with The Boys & Girls Clubs of America to share the Youth & Funerals message as part of its Be There grief initiative.

Supporting education has been a Foundation cornerstone for four generations, and in 2018 the Foundation expanded its academic scholarship program and awarded its first-ever academic scholarships to Canadian students of funeral service.


The Foundation’s annual impact reports archive the Foundation’s rich history within funeral service. Explore below:

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