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Awarded twice a year, the Funeral Service Foundation now offers up to 18 total scholarships, ranging from $1,000-$5,000. Scholarships are available to full- and part-time students pursuing a degree in mortuary science from ABFSE-accredited schools or, new this year, accredited Canadian schools.


February 15-March 30

August 15-November 30

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  • Online submissions only.
  • Scholarships are available to full- and part-time students pursuing a degree in mortuary science from ABFSE-accredited schools or accredited Canadian schools. 
  • New applicants as well as those who have applied in previous years, but have not been awarded an academic scholarship from the Foundation, are encouraged to apply.
  • Foundation scholarships are subject to available funds, and are not renewable; a Candidate may only receive a Foundation-awarded academic scholarship one time.
  • Foundation academic scholarships are for mortuary science/funeral service study only.
  • Funding is sent directly to the school; under no circumstances will the Funeral Service Foundation make a payment directly to the student.
  • Funding may be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies.
  • Alternates may be selected in the event that a scholarship recipient decides not to accept the award.
  • The Foundation has no loan programs, vocational grants or assistance for graduate study available.
  • The Funeral Service Foundation will only confirm receipt of completed applications and reserves the right to eliminate from consideration unsigned or incomplete applications without further notice to the applicant.
  • If a student terminates his or her enrollment in the school for any reason, the remaining/unused balance of the scholarship must be returned to the Foundation only, may not be transferred to another school, and may not be paid to the student personally.
  • Serious protracted illness or injury that would delay participation in the program may be considered reason for holding an award in reserve. Time limits and other restrictions may be set by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Other leaves of absence will be considered on an individual basis.
  •  All award decisions of The Funeral Service Foundation are final.



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