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 Grant Application Questions

Contact Information 

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Grant/Budget Information  

  • What is your requested amount?
  • Select your funding priority area, i.e., emergency support, emergency assistance.
  • What is the estimated number of individuals served by this grant?
  • What is the target population?
  • Explain why you are requesting funds, and how/where they will be directed.
  • Upload a detailed project budget.
  • Upload budget supporting materials.

Project/Program Narratives (each in 250 words or less)

  • Discuss your capacity to deliver.
  • If funded, how will your business define the success of this program/project?
  • Do you anticipate any obstacles in completing this program/project successfully?
  • Are you collaborating with other organizations or businesses on this project?

Additional Information

  • Are you a member of any state/provincial associations?
  • Are you a member of any national associations?
  • How did you hear about this grant?

Apply for Funding

Non-exempt organizations, such as US or Canadian funeral homes or funeral service-related businesses, can apply for funding when working in conjunction with an exempt organization which agrees to serve as the fiscal agent for the grant, such as a state association. Exceptions to the fiscal agent rule may apply based on the emergency nature of the grant. Please note: The costs associated with burials, memorialization, cremations, etc. are not eligible for funding.

Review cycle and decisions:
Requests will be reviewed weekly. Grant decisions will be made by a Fund Advisory Committee.

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In 500 words or less, please explain why you are requesting funds, and how/where they will be directed.
Please provide a detailed budget, incorporating estimates from suppliers as available. Note that if funded, final reports on this project will require an accounting of funds spent and receipts where applicable.
Please upload any supporting documents.

Program/Project Narrative *


Describe in 250 words or less.
Discuss in 250 words or less.
Discuss in 250 words or less.
Discuss in 250 words or less.

Additional Information

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Membership is not required to apply for a grant.
Membership is not required to apply.